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Welcome To My First Web Site

In this site, I hope to bring to you an example of my various interests and talents. This is my cyber showcase and c.v. A vehicle that has no wheels, yet needs an engine and a driver to steer it through this multiverse. I am offering the visitor the keys and means to travel through my subconscious world of words, sound, music and vision.
I chose the name Verso some years ago; it is a good descriptor of what I am about. The word is Latin and has a number of meanings that are especially relevant to me; especially as I write with my left hand.(I was ambidextrous, but that's a long story for my future biography). VERSO: that of the left hand, the turned page, the back of the page, etc..
I have no peers in the world of the arts. No favourite poets or authors. The truth is, I don't read poetry or literature. I prefer to read about subjects that are more relevant to the human condition... philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, etc. The pompous rantings of wannabe intelligentsia and Bohemian bullshitters do nothing for me. I write because I need to express through creativity that which I might otherwise express as destructive behaviour against self or others. I need an outlet for my angry Soul, rather than an excuse for the actions of negative aggression.
In the course of time, I hope to have a site that is an inspiration to those seekers of beauty in truth and power in Selfhood. Take the trip. Enjoy the journey. See you on the other side.
Site contents and updates

In this site you will find samples of my poetry, lyrics, photographs of myself and those taken by me... and hopefully a few spoken word and song projects that I am currently working on.
I am currently involved in a number of projects in the music and literature fields:-
1/ An acoustic Soul project, (Me & a few muso's)
2/ A book of poetry, (words & images)
3/ The spoken word.CDR (words, sounds & images);
4/ Dance music projects (all genres)

Check out my photo pages... there are a few weird images that I have produced whilst having a play around with the Adobe PhotoDeluxe workshop.
If you go to my custom pages you will see a sample of my poetry and photo's.
Welcome To My Home Page

Navigate around this site and you will find my work in some sort of order(hopefully). Give me a little time, in which I hope to have this and other sites running smoothly. In the future, I intend to sell my poetry and musical pieces over the net; until then, have a flick through the various pieces that I have brought to you in this keyhole opening to my Soul. Please feel free to email me with any relevant feedback or offers concerning my work.
I do humbly apologise for the amateurish project before your eyes, but it is my first attempt, so I hope the improvements can be an ongoing process that delivers in the end.
(Sorry about the advertising that comes with this free site, please bear with me)

Notifying Visitors of Site Enhancements

If you like my work and would like to make any comments regarding my art, please feel free to add your comments in my guestbook, or you can contact me through my email address below.
If you are a muso, producer, agent or whatever your title in the field of the arts, I would especially like to hear from you.
Have recently created a new band with two other creative Soul's. Look out for the band; we are called, "CIRCLE:BOY".

Poetry and Picture Gallery

Have a look through my picture & poetry pages and my custom pages. There you will find a small selection of poems from my proposed book called 'The Living Word'. The title was suggested to me by a professional natural energy healer that I know and respect as a rare and truly genuine man of honesty and integrity.


(1) An agent to represent me internationally
(2) A publisher that is willing and able to invest
Body, Soul & Mind
(3) Genius film makers/animators/producers to work with on a number of poetry projects
(4) Record companies with the balls to stand up for quality songs composed and played by real artists
(5) Publishing companies with a track record of hits
(6) T.V companies and programme makers

Send an email